The small diameter of PERKAT™ allows percutaneous implantation in only a few minutes through the leg vein via Seldinger technique and using an 18F sheath system.

The PERKAT™ device can be implanted percutaneously with no need for surgical intervention therefore saving the patient additional strain. After an operating period between a few hours and 10 days maximum explantation of PERKAT™ is also performed percutaneously. The complete procedure is safe and efficient for the patient as well as for the implementing cardiologist.

Additional to the provided high heart support of more than 3 L/min there are further advantages such as the reduced risk of infection and haemolysis for the patient with PERKAT™. The pump volume can be also controlled by ECG-triggering.

The PERKAT™ right ventricular heart pump is technically a completely new approach to heart assist devices thus enabling percutaneous, pulsatile and self-expanding working principles in one device.

Innovativ and novel technological approach to heart support

Using the PERKAT™ technology we plan to realise a biventricular version of PERKAT™ in which all advantages of PERKAT™ RV are transferred to a biventricular heart pump in the future.

The products are not available yet in the market, because they are still in the development.